The Legend of Chris Moose

A Christmas Story

By Allen Northcutt
Illustrated by Christie Morris

Author Allen Northcutt's fun-filled holiday tale weaves a whimsical ugly duckling story of animal friends that love an amiable but tattered moose whose name is Ugly. This picture book introduces eleven animal characters in rhyme as they join Ugly on a snowy trip through the woods to the house of Momma and Poppa Bear. There, a Christmas Eve party is made very special when Ugly gives unselfishly of himself to make up for a forgotten Christmas tree.

The story addresses everyday issues of how ugly names are hurtful and it is not nice to exclude someone from a group because they are different. In the end the animals embrace Ugly as part of their group and change his name to Chris Moose, because it sounds so much like "Christmas," and Christmas is what his spirit is all about. Christie Morris' captivating and humorous illustrations add magic to this soon-to-be-classic Christmas story.


Allen Northcutt

Allen Northcutt

AUTHOR: Allen Northcutt wrote the first draft of The Legend of Chris Moose on Christmas Eve in 1982 while dealing with the many issues of raising a learning-disabled child. And then the manuscript sat in a drawer for twenty-nine years. Allen is a decorated U.S. Marine Corps fighter pilot, Vietnam War veteran, and retired investment banker. His enduring passions are the outdoors, adventure recreation, competitive sports, and spending quality time with family and old friends. Motivation to resurrect Chris Moose came from friends encouragement that Chris Moose could become the first new perennial Christmas character in the past fifty years.

Christie Morris

Christie Morris

DESIGNER & ILLUSTRATOR: Christie Morris has worked in an artistic career for over 30 years. She is an author/illustrator, as well as a conceptual artist/designer for theme park features. Christie grew up on a horse farm where she acquired a love of animals. Observing animal behavior has served her well in creating fictional pieces that depend on animals as the major characters.



Young children everywhere are naturally industrious and playfully search for purpose in their daily lives. In this meaningful story, Ugly the moose finds his usefulness and becomes a happier, more beautiful being. Through the attractive cadences of "The Night before Christmas" and the spunky illustrations of forest life, "Chris Moose" is an appealing addition to your family's holiday library.

Elizabeth Campbell Rightmyer, Ed. D
Early Childhood Literacy Specialist
Head of Lower School, Louisville Collegiate School

A book about the transformative time of Christmas - and here, of course, the transformation is done by a host of animals who all think of their friendly neighborhood moose as Ugly. Ugly by name, if not by nature.....he feels left out. [one moral of the story] no need for presents for the season, your "presence" is all that is needed. Cute and original...."

John Lloyd, UK Reviewer [4-Stars]


In The Legend of Chris Moose, Allen Northcutt creates a delightful, beautifully illustrated moose tale that gives parents and children an opportunity to discuss the issue of social exclusion and the hurtfulness of name-calling."

Lauren Kramer for Foreword Reviews (5-Stars)
Read Full Review at Forward Reviews

The Legend of Chris Moose, a simple moral story of bullying and name calling and self-empowerment contained in Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale..... is an adorable update of a classic fairy tale and introduces a memorable new character to the festive bookshelves."

Kent Lane for IndieReader
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