Hazelet’s Journal – Travel Edition

Travel Edition. Backpack Tested, Wifi Not Required

By George Cheever Hazelet
Edited by J. H. Clark


Hazelet's Journal is a true 1898 Gold Rush story that gives us insight into the character of those who went before us, a sense of passion, loyalty, and resilience that was so much a part of the great American spirit that our country was founded upon. It's told in the journalist's original voice, captured for generations to come.

This Travel Edition is designed in a paperback format, lightweight to fit inside a backpack to read (no wifi required) on the trail as the traveler makes his or her way to Valdez.  It contains the same journal entries and stories contained in the hardcover version published in 2012, however with more travelogue content of the current sights and landscape as one makes their way (300 miles) along the Richardson Highway from Anchorage into the town of Valdez, the staging site of the old 1898 pioneer tent city and trailhead of the Alaska Gold Fields.  

A rich history of the last true American frontier to experience.  The old Copper Center and pioneer mail hub at the confluence of the Copper and Klutina Rivers. Kennecott Cooper mines at McCarthy, Keystone Canyon with its beautiful waterfalls and the scene of the famous "shootout" between warning railway companies in 1907, and much much more for the curious travelers to experience as they make their way into the town of Valdez. Discover the magic! 

The less traveled All-American route over the Valdez Glacier into the Alaska Gold Fields was that of George Cheever Hazelet, his partner Andrew Jackson Meals, and their trusted guide and friend Tl'adets a.k.a. "Indian Charlie."
"Well I have written a good deal about Charlie, but his strength of character has struck me forcibly." ~ George Cheever Hazelet, Nov. 12, 1898.

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Come see the "Stones."    (Conceptual Drawings)

This public art space honors George Cheever Hazelet, Andrew Jackson Mealsand the region’s Indigenous people before them including those who were so important in guiding them into the gold fields. The name for the Meals Hill trailhead and public art space is VALDEZ RISING - "Suacit" (The People Of The Place That Rises Into View), recognizing the Alutiiq-Sugpiaq of the region and the many partnerships that persevered to make Valdez and Alaska what they are today.  

VALDEZ RISING - "Suacit" will speak to people in many ways. It will be a place to learn about the early history of Valdez and hopefully be a quiet spiritual place of reflection, or a hub for conversation about the future. It will be a meeting place before hiking into Meals Hill Parkland.  Handicap accessible and senior-friendly.


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