Messages From The Edge

By Paige Valdiserri

[Out of Print]

Messages From The Edge is dedicated to anyone who has struggled or is struggling with life's challenges and traumas, or who is committed to their own self-growth and discovery. In her work with clients, Paige found herself writing affirmations on colorful sticky notes. She encouraged her clients to place these mantras by their bedsides, bathroom mirrors, or anywhere else they would be seen, so that they could serve as daily guides and validations, and often as lifelines. As clients began to give these affirmations a name, they all coined the same name: Paigeisms.


AUTHOR: Paige Valdiserri, International Traumatic Stress and Intuitive Healing Consultant and Coach, a board-certified expert in traumatic stress, has worked with clients suffering or recovering from chronic stress and trauma due to war zone episodes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, medical or chronic illness, personal traumas, or intense professional or corporate settings. Paige Valdiserri?s work has taken her to Iraq, Africa, to the Pentagon, to working with first responders on the front lines. Her work has led her to create a specialized healing method, Energetic Body Dialogue (EBD), bringing relief on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels, allowing a body once detached from its wholeness to reconnect to it again.

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Paige is like a bright, twinkling star in the dark night. So many words come to mind when describing her strong, loving, compassionate, radiant, positive, energetic. She is passionate about helping people who are confused, hurting, or just plain stuck. I met Paige just one year after my breast cancer diagnosis. On my first visit to see her, I sat holding on for dear life as she asked me questions about myself, my life, my hopes. And she was so gentle and supportive, I found myself relaxing and opening up. I felt safe to explore my past and to express hope for my future through her Energetic Body Dialogue services. Her ability to connect had such a healing effect on me.

After that first session, I left with two stickies that stayed with me long after the stick was gone. 'Should is Shit' and 'Stay in the Moment' are with me to this day!

Tori B.


IF_CircleOnly-100wKris Kimel, founder of Idea Festival, talks with Paige Valdiserri. April 28, 2014

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