Morningside Drive

By Charlie Casper


The story begins in 1955. The strange and unanticipated interaction between two families provides the setting for an intriguing interplay:  the power and influence of the Catholic Church, the emerging sexual abuse crisis, and the Church’s unparalleled effort at a coverup.

At the center of the intrigue is Norman Hudson, a brilliantly gifted but mentally unbalanced man and his eccentric lifestyle.  Norman’s reclusive personality undergoes a radical change when he befriends a large family in his neighborhood, a family who owns and operates a business that markets religious paraphernalia.

 The perception Norman has of these icons, along with his involvement with the Church and his Morningside Drive neighbors, play havoc with his fragile mental state, creating a series of bizarre twists in the plot.  Norman’s impulsive friendship with one of his young neighbors ends in tragedy, which adds to his already strained psychological state.

The abuse crisis makes its impact through the efforts of a young priest and his tireless need to uncover the truth. But the families involved in this crisis find themselves in the midst of the drama and underscore the secrecy and control exercised by the Church at a time when the abuse scandal was virtually unknown.